Friday, 15 May 2009

Something for the weekend!

Hi all!

Gosh, another week just hurtled by and another weekend's upon us!

Speaking of weekends, I thought you might like to see what I got up to during the last one. I spent a wonderful day with my friend Angela, who is the lovely lady I had a silversmithing lesson with a few months ago. We spent the morning working on some photography for her website. Then in the afternoon I was a very lucky bunny, and Angela showed me some of her more advanced silversmithing techniques. And (with LOTS of help cos I'm such a silver newbie) I created this zingy bezel set sterling silver ring from scratch, featuring one of my handmade lampwork cabs. It was great fun, and I learnt so much, thanks Ange! I can't wait to break the silver out again and have another go. :-)

And just in case you aren't familiar with Angela's beautiful handcrafted silver jewellery, here is one of the photos she took after she let me loose on her photographic setup. ;-) I love this pendant especially, and can assure you it's even more stunning in real life! If you get chance, I'm sure she won't mind if you pop over to her site for a nosy.

On a slightly more boring technical note, there appears to have been progress on my email problems. My ISP seems to think they've sorted it thank goodness, and at least I've not had any more delayed-bouncy-error-type-thingies...(technical term)...over the last few days. Woohoo! ;-)

Righty-ho I'd best go and get myself sorted, cos I'm heading off into the wild blue yonder for a few days. So as usual, any emails, orders or queries will be answered after my return next weekend. Have a good one peeps!!

HP xxx


Debbie F said...

Stunning!!!Have an enjoyable week!

Beady Bugs said...

Ooo cripes! Sorry Debbie - just found this. Cheers chuck. :-) I really must blog more, been busy with work and stuff as usual. Bad beady blogger! LOL! ;-) HP xxx