Monday, 2 March 2009

New beadies!

Morning all,

Just thought I'd share with my blog readers a little preview of some of my new beads that will be going up on my site at some point over the next day or two. Well, with the hint of spring in the air, and easter hurtling towards us, I had to go with chickens and bunnies, there's also going to be some normal beads, and a fair few new dread beads too. My mojo finally seems to have come home, a little weary and hung over, but sporting a sightly patchy good old british tan. You know the one, lovely tanned forearms and lower legs, with a rather spiffing white t-shirt and shorts effect over the rest of the body. ;-)

Anyway, please don't forget, if you want to know as soon as there are new beads available, feel free to join my mailing list, as I send out an email the moment they are uploaded. I hope you're all having a good monday. :-)

HP xxx