Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Blimey - is it Christmas already!

Cor blimey - luv a duck!  Is it that time of year again?!?

I realise it's probably a side effect of getting old - along with wrinkles and a penchant for warm socks, but crikey this year's gone fast!  And sorry for the delay with all things beady - it's been a bit of a busy few months.  Work's been absolutely mental and there's not been a lot of time for glassy exploits...or well anything really.

Having said that - I've pretty much finished all my 'proper' work - huzzah!  Just got shed loads of other stuff to do now.  So in need of a break, I skived off into Manchester yesterday for a scout round the Christmas Market, and the amazing Dazzle jewellery exhibition at the Town Hall.  It was all wonderful, so glad I went!  Here's a dodgy picture I took, sorry for its rubbishness and inadvertent flat cap content (by 'eck it's grim up north!) - I was far too busy man-handling a warm German sausage to concentrate on my camera!  LOL! 

But I digress - you'll be glad to hear...hopefully, that I've finally managed to get some melting done, and I'm about to upload a whole load of new stuff on my site.  I realise you've probably all already spent up for Christmas, but if you fancy a nosy, feel free to head over for a shufty.  It'll be nice to see you, pull up a chair and I'll get the mince pies out.  ;-)

HP xxx