Tuesday, 26 August 2008


Evening all!

I just thought I'd better pop on and let you know that if you've been trying to access my site today, my hosting company have been doing something clever with servers (winding up the elastic band???) which has lead to some downtime. :-( Hopefully normal service will be resumed shortly. I'm just glad I downloaded my entire site the other day, you never know when those gremlins are going to get in and do a bit of chewing. ;-)

No need to worry though, all the beadies are safe and warm and tucked up in their little beady beds, after a long day of skipping through the grass at the local park. Well their little legs were all stiff from sitting on my web pages for so long, so I thought they deserved a day out. Although Bodmin the Badger has come home with something stuck in his fur that not even Cillit Bang will shift!! No idea what he's been up to, naughty boy! LOL! ;-)

Anyway - have a good evening peeps! Fingers crossed my little piece of cyberspace returns soon.

HP xxx

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