Saturday, 30 August 2008

BeadyBugs is back with a prize draw!

Yay!!! My hosting company finally managed to repair the elastic band last night, so my little site is finally back up and running. :-) I'm really glad to see it back where it belongs, so in honour of this, I've decided to do a little prize draw. As I'm going through a bobbly bead phase at the moment, I've made another of the blue beads and strung it on a lovely 20" sterling silver medium belcher chain.

If you fancy a chance at winning it, head on over to my homepage and click on the prize draw email link there. Then next friday evening (to give everyone time to enter) I'll pick a name at random and the necklace will be yours!

Have a good weekend!

HP xxx


Catherine said...

Gorgeous bead Helen!! Please make some more of your lovely beads!! Please, please....

Beady Bugs said...

Hi Catherine,

Thanks. :-)

I'd love to - still looking for those elusive spare hours though. ;-)

HP xxx