Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Shiny happy peephole!

Hehehe!  ;-)  

Belated Happy New Year to you all, I hope you had a good one!  And Father Christmas brought you everything you wanted.....not too many Gyles-Brandreth-type-jumpers....showing my age now.  ;-)

Anyway - I thought you might like to have a little look at what I got up to at the weekend. I was lucky enough to get a place on a one day silversmithing workshop taught by Angela Kennedy, who makes gorgeous jewellery, and we got to try all sorts of silversmithing techniques.  These included: cutting, sawing, planishing, soldering and punching to name but a few.  And after 'a few' chocolate biscuits and plenty of banging, sanding and polishing we all created a lovely set of hammered dangly earrings and a domed 'peephole' pendant with bail.  It was a wonderful day and I thoroughly enjoyed it!  These are my efforts shown in the photos - hope you like them?

And on that note, please excuse the dodgy photos, silver is an absolute bugger to photograph - I think I need to refine my stick it on a piece of paper technique.  LOL!  I must try and take some better ones when I get chance.  But I can't wait to have another go with my hammer - and maybe incorporate more silver work into my jewellery making.  

OoooOOOooo the possibilities!!  :-)  Have a good week bead fans!

HP xxx


Laura said...

Happy New Year to you too, HP!

Wow - your silver work is ace. Love those earrings! Look forward to seeing more silvery things from you. :o)

L x

Debbie F said...

Love them both Helen!Have you decided what you are making next!
Many thanks for the beads love curly the sheep;-)Thanks for the kind thoughts its cheered me up:-)

Take care Deb x

Jo said...

Loving the silver work, you must be feeling very chuffed, I know I would be if my first pieces came out as good as yours!
Cant wait to see more, dont stop making the beads though you know I have withdrawal symptoms.

Beady Bugs said...

Thanks L, chuffed you like them. Just hoping they weren't beginner's luck. ;-)

And thanks Debbie too - I've got lots of ideas and bits of ideas, just got to figure out how on earth to go about it all! And glad you like the beadies chuck, hope you're doing ok. :-)

Hehehe! Cheers Jo - no fear - the beads will still be getting made. :-)

HP xxx

Crafted Gems said...

oh those are fab Helen, love the earrings

p.s. i'll email you back this afternoon!

Beady Bugs said...


HP xxx