Tuesday, 8 July 2008

I got an Award! Woohoo! :-)

What a lovely surprise - I came back off my hols to find the lovely Caroline of Crafted Gems had given me a blogging award. Oooo never had one before so I was proper chuffed. Thanks chuck - you're a star! ;-)

Right I'd best get a wriggle on and name the 5 people's blogs who inspire me.

Beads By Laura - I love Laura's beads!! She's a wonderfully talented lampworker and friend. Thanks 'teach' for introducing me to this melting lark. Bloody love it. :-)

Ajenno Designs - A big thank you to Jo too, who makes lurvely jewellery and has been very supportive of my beady exploits ever since I started beadmaking. But oi lady, update your blog more often! LOL! ;-)

La Perle - Sorry Catherine, you've just got another award. LOL! You shouldn't make such gorgeous jewellery! ;-) I absolutely love your Vintaj collection!!! P.S. Ooo thanks for my award too - just spotted it - promise I'll do my best to be more prolific. ;-)

Mango Beads - Manda is a fabulous lady and very talented lampworker who makes the most wonderful beads and jewellery. Loving the new website Manda, I hope it goes well for you. :-)

Handmade Heaven - And last but not least Steph's gorgeous fused glass. Absolutely stunning use of colour and design - I could ogle her catalogue all day!!!! Ooo-er! LOL! ;-)

And there are lots of other people I'd like to mention too, but I'm only allowed 5 so sorry if I missed you out. Especially Debbie, if you had a blog chuck, I'd have added you too! :-)

HP xxx


Jo said...

YAY for your award. Glad your back now get back to beading I've had withdrawal symptoms ha ha.
Might update my blog this week if I can find the time, if not you will just have to wait :-p

Steph @ Handmade Heaven Glassy Goodies said...

thanks for the mention missus. am doing very well at keeping my blog updated (surprising myself!). keep on checking yours too so no slacking! x

Beady Bugs said...

Thanks Jo. I'm doing my best to wade through my backlog, and will add new beadies soon. I find it helps the withdrawals if you take a couple of lentils and stroke a silver core! LOL! ;-)

And thanks Steph. Just been over to your blog again, it's always a feast for the eyes. Nice tractor btw. LOL! ;-)

HP xxx

Laura said...

Aw, thanks HP! :o)

Beady Bugs said...

Pleasure chuck. HP xxx