Monday, 26 May 2008

Nuns on the run!

Good morning at last!

Gosh - I'm so sick of modems and wireless routers!!! :-( Thanks to them and their 'quirky' little ways I've had very little internet over the last 3 weeks or so - so sorry if you thought I'd dropped off this little beady planet. I'm still having problems despite having bought new kit. But hopefully I'm getting there.

Anyway - enough whinging. ;-) On a happier beady note, I had a lovely day out yesterday at the Nantwich Bead Fair with Caroline from Crafted Gems. Gosh it was hot in there though!! We had to keep scuttling outside (and to the pub) to cool off. LOL! I bought a beautiful little Beads-on-Coast silver core from Anna. And it was great to meet so many fellow bead fans, and see all that lovely lampwork.

Speaking of lampwork (for a change ;-) ), I thought you might like to see a little bead I made for Julie from Lush Lampwork who had a stall full of gorgeous glassy goodies at the fair. I promised her I'd slip some Blue Nun in in my handbag to keep her going, so this squiffy little bead fell off my mandrel as a result. I hope she behaves herself in her new home and stays off the communion wine......hic. ;-)

And yes, I've been at the boro again, I'm loving all the colours and textures you can get from this glass. Mmm pretty. :-) Anyway - I suppose I should go and do something useful. Just glad to be back online again...well until my router chucks another wobbly!!! LOL! Have a good Bank Holiday monday everyone.

HP xxx


Laura said...

The boro beads are truly lovely, HP!

Hope your computer stays on the straight and narrow .....

Laura x

Beady Bugs said...

Thanks Laura, it's a lovely glass to work with. :-)

And so do I - t'internet's back on, but my printer's not working now! LOL! Don't you just love technology! ;-)

HP x

Tina said...

HP, the boro beads are fantastic, and I love the Blue Nun!!

Steph @ Handmade Heaven Glassy Goodies said...

That blue nun is brilliant! Love her eyes :)

Beady Bugs said...

Thanks Tina - she was really fun to make. Not 'crittered' much over the last few weeks.

And thanks too Steph, I based them on my own! LOL! ;-)

HP xxx

Julie @ Lush! said...

Hiya Helen!
That naughty little Nun wanted to say hello - she's been teaching Zeb a thing or two this week, I've had to separate them ;0)

Julie x

Beady Bugs said...

Hehehe! Hi Julie. I knew they were trouble as soon as I put them in a box together.

She wouldn't be passing on all her 'bad habits' would she! LOL! ;-)

HP xxx