Saturday, 26 April 2008

Had a go at a goddess!

Morning all!

Thank goodness it's saturday - a nice lie in and time to catch up with everything! :-)

Anyway, I thought you might like to see another of my recent beady experiments. A couple of weeks ago I took part in a bead swap on a glass forum I'm a member of. I've not made many goddess beads before, but they are actually quite fun to make once you have a go. She's only my third ever attempt at a goddess, and is very different to my other beads (no googly eyes!) ;-) and a fair bit bigger at about 40mm high.

She's called 'Psyche', is made from silver rich glass, and is not a classic goddess bead being a bit longer and leaner than is typical, but I was still pleased with the results. She is now residing in The Netherlands, and I received a lovely swap bead from Maria Louisa in return.

I must admit, despite thoroughly enjoying my month of being covered in glitter in Chester, I'm looking forward to getting back to my torch soon. I feel the need to bead! ;-) Anyway - have a good weekend - see you soon.

HP xxx


Mary said...

Hi Helen,

Is this the first supermodel goddess? I love her proportions, better still I wish I had them! Beautiful colour. I love the boro as well. Can't wait to see them on your site.


Beady Bugs said...

Thanks Mary,
Yes she did turn out a little less Dawn French and a little more Naomi Campbell than I anticipated LOL! And yes it would be nice to have those proportions, I've got the outy bits, just not the inny bits to go with them! LOL! I'm looking forward to playing with boro and restocking soon too. :-)

HP x

Alison said...

Welcome to the world of blogging, Helen! Love that goddess, I've got the height and the big sticky outy bits, but none of the inny bits either lol. Those silver cores are a bit yummy too, and one of these days I'm going to treat myself, if that Caroline doesn't get them all first!!!!

Beady Bugs said...

Thanks Alison, :-) I don't think sticky out bits are designed to go with inny bits, we'd probably blow over too easily in the wind! LOL! ;-)

And I think you might have to fight Caroline for the silver cores, she's already set up her tent and sleeping bag outside my front door. Hehehe! ;-)

HP x

Tina said...

Beautiful Goddess, I wish I had her proportions also!! Stunning silver cores. I love Borosillicate glass, but have never used it. Don't think my torch is big enough.

Welcome to the blogging world.

Beady Bugs said...

Thanks for the lovely welcome and comments Tina. :-)

I've only got a little Betta, but it does seem to be pretty hot. I wouldn't like to try anything much bigger though - not enough hours in the day to wait for it to melt! ;-)

HP x